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Our goal is to provide you with monetary value for everyday goods and services.

We do this by partnering with a variety of quality Companies and organisations who are committed to providing first class service and value for money based on the leveraged buying power of the Christian Churches. We can therefore offer you value in excess of your own buying power.

We also aim to promote Christian values, integrity and service to you our valued members through our Business Partners.

Membership is open to Institutional (Business) and to Residential (Home) members.

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Church Resources financially supports Church Services TV, a free service to viewers throughout the world, which allows you to view live church services online at www.churchservices.tv.

We hope you enjoy the products and services which we select and that you can benefit from the savings and information we provide.

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We will appreciate your comments, ideas and experiences if you care to contact us at comments@churchresources.ie. We are open to you suggesting products and services which you feel should be included in Church Resources for the future.

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  • Willow Greeting Cards
  • Ballsbridge Hotel
  • Newlands Cross Hotel
  • Silver Springs
  • Red Cow Hotel
  • Set Top Box
  • Phone and Broadband
  • Crosses
  • Rings
  • Chalk Boards
  • Cheese Boards
  • Large Kitchen Boards
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